Friday, June 27, 2014

Awakening to the Cave of the Heart...a faith journey?

Today I lead a tour into the Discovery Trail Caverns at Blanchard Springs Caverns and like most tours I had a sense of descending into my own heart...the Cave of the heart... As Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindi, Muslim and any number of those following a spiritual path we are all called to realize our true nature as part of embracing God or ultimate reality. Central to our decent into the Cave of the Heart is practicing spiritual disciplines. These spiritual disciplines are not about dogma or a set of rules to live life by...they are simple activities that bring us to the present moment... Over the coming weeks I am going to share some spiritual disciples that are universal throughout all of the world religions... they involve breathing or sitting or walking... simple human activities that are focused and controled by our intentions... /\Namaste/\

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